Welcome to the Parent Support Service

The Parent Support Service is run by Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Victoria Samuel. The service provides a central point of contact for parents who are seeking therapeutic input for their child. When you contact us we will discuss your concerns and allocate your referral to an independent psychologist or therapist working in Bristol.

The Parent Support Service specialises in helping parents, children and young people to better understand complicated feelings, improve difficult relationships & to learn practical skills so as to feel more confident, content & in control.

Common difficulties for which parents and young people seek therapeutic input include: tantrums & angry outbursts; sleeping & eating difficulties; anxiety; obsessive compulsive disorder; phobias; depression & post traumatic stress disorder.

Dr Samuel and affiliate therapists to the service provide:

  • Practical, professional advice & support for parents about their child - in person & via telephone.
  • Child psychological therapy & adolescent psychological therapy including cognitive behavioural therapy & EMDR.
  • Corporate & school parenting seminars led by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist